After using Vim as my default editor for about 2 years, I decide to switch to Emacs. There isn't any special reason for this migration. In fact, it's just becasue something kept agitating in my heart. I want to try some new stuff.

Obviously the learning curve of Emacs is very high. IMO even higher than Vim. After tried to learn Vim 2 years ago, I realized that the keypoint to master those heavy weapon is using them to destory some real targets. I've used Vim to code since 2 years ago and turned nearly every general key-bindings to the muscle memory. I want to replicate that process with Emacs and the famous org-mode.

Recently I started a blog on github pages with Octopress. The Octopress is handy and the syntax of markdown is just similar to org-mode. So why not write blogs in org-mode and publish them with Octopress? After googled on the Internet, I found some nice articles to help me blogging with Octopress and org-mode.

So here comes my product. :)

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